Our Story

Club Soccer Connect was founded to help players, families, coaches and clubs navigate the ever changing landscape of youth soccer and beyond. We will provide ongoing education and consulting to increase production and improve leadership. Most importantly we will educate and motivate players so that they can reach their potential.

Soccer is known as "The beautiful game" and it is meant to be shared by everyone. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that all players and their families are armed with the same vital information and therefore have the same opportunities to succeed.


Our Team

Diego Coaching.jpg

Diego Bocanegra is the founder and CEO of CSC. He is a visionary, mentor, coach and public speaker. His goal is to share the beautiful game with everyone and make an everlasting impact on society through sport.

Kellie Bocanegra is the COO and administrator for CSC. Her rare combo of organizational skills and creativity bring life and order to the chaos we call home. 


Isabella and Luca are our inspiration and motivation. Luca has a true love for soccer. Although Isabella does not share her brother's passion, she is always there to cheer on the family. They bring the fun, love and laughter to it all!